Welcome to HappiDistraktions! We’re just a bunch of uni students at UTD enjoying life. Here we wish to share the things that bring smiles on our faces through stressful times.

Introducing the crew:

Aimee – Just another ATEC major listening to k-pop, watching k-dramas, playing video games and eating my way through my problems.

Annastasia¬†– I like making motion graphics videos, I currently work as a graphic designer and marking chair for UTD’S activities and advisory board. I started off sculpting as a child then I moved onto sketching using different mediums like charcoal and ink. I hope to one day be a curator and installment artist.

Jonathan – Sound Design major with varied interests such as baking, music production, food history, etc… BAM.

Narayana (aka Ryan) – I’m a guy who likes baking and animation, oh yeah.

Paige – When I’m not stressing over my latest project, I enjoy reading and playing video games. Watching cartoons and anime has also always been a go-to stress buster since childhood.

Paul – I work a lot so I enjoy the few minutes I have to take a break and talk about animation, songs, and movies.

Timothy – Web design is a big interest of mine.