Sometimes I think it’s necessary to break out side of the box and go against expected traditions and I believe Thanksgiving deserts can be one such area.

I’ve posted about Peaceful Cuisine before, but as a refresher, Ryoya Takashima hosts the channel. He used to work professionally as vegan chef and has since then made his YouTube channel, where he takes on a unique approach to making his recipe videos.

I’m not a vegan, but I am always interested to try different\healthier alternative recipes to broaden my pallet and food horizon.

Anyhow, back  to the recipe…Blue Berry Cake! The “cake” is not really a traditional cake, but more of a custard type cake, such as cheesecake, or chess cake and I’m definitely going to make this for the holiday. As stated above, I  want to bring something a bit different to the festivities this year and I believe this cake is the candidate.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself! Recipe and instructions in the video (obviously)