Or more specifically, games that I’m personally looking forward to that will be releasing next year. Anyone who’s been reading my posts long enough should already know that I’m anime trash, so if you’re fond of JRPG titles, be sure to check out the titles below!


Persona 5; ATLUS; PS3/PS4

Persona 5 has been delayed. A lot. At this point, Persona fans are just hoping that the game will make an appearance at some point next year. Thankfully, all of these delays hasn’t made the hype for this long awaited game die down. There’s a lot to look forward to in the next Persona game: an improved battle system, gorgeous graphics, a catchy jazz-inspired soundtrack, and appealing character designs; this game has a lot to offer so it’s no wonder fans of the series are anxious to get their hands on it. Now if only Atlus could stick to their release schedule instead of announcing a new release date every few weeks.


Tales of Berseria; Bandai Namco; PS4/Steam

Tales of Berseria brought up a lot of hype with it’s announcement, the biggest one being that it has the series’ first solo female protagonist. Awful as her outfit may be, Velvet’s already made a pretty good impression personality-wise through the brief 2-episode special that was inserted in Tales of Zestiria the X. It also brought back a lot of mechanics from older entries that fans have been wanting to see again for years, including cooking, waiter mini games, and *gasp*; are those in-game costumes?! You get them from beating a mini game?! You don’t have to pay for them?! *Ahem* So, yes, there’s a lot to look forward to in Berseria, especially for older Tales fans, so I definitely look forward to picking this up…when I get a PS4.


New Danganronpa V3; Spike Chunisoft, PS Vita/PS4

Much like Berseria, the latest entry in the Danganronpa franchise has the first female protagonist in its main series (I say main because the franchise has had female protagonists before, just not within the main numbered games). Now with a new set of quirky, talented students, new murder mysteries to solve, new game mechanics to spice up class trials, even more Monokumas than before, and an entirely new setting (or so Kodaka claims), New Danganronpa V3 has a lot of fans excited and ready to shout out “That’s wrong!” when the game releases next year. With its January release in Japan, hopefully we’ll be seeing this entry in English sometime in late 2017.


Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns; Marvelous / XSeed; Nintendo 3DS

Originally known as Harvest Moon, this franchise was renamed Story of Seasons when licensing rights transferred from Natsume to XSeed. There are still titles going by the name Harvest Moon produced by Natsume themselves, but if you’ll notice, the quality isn’t quite up to par compared to previous entries in the franchise. Story of Seasons, however, retains the charm the series is known for and will no doubt continue with this next entry. It follows a similar format to Tale of Two Towns by giving the player the option to live in more than one town, three this time, as the title states, all of which feature its own culture, festivities, and set of marriageable candidates. The most ground breaking new feature, however, is the fact that the protagonist actually has a family here, a mother, father, and little sister. That’s right, you have parents now! And a sibling! Oh, and XSeed is giving out a capybara plush as a pre-order bonus. How can I say no to that?!


Atelier Shallie Plus; Gust / Tecmo Koei / NIS America; PS Vita

Yet another franchise best known for its laid-back atmosphere, this particular entry is actually a remake of the original that was released roughly two years ago. It offers the player the choice of choosing between two female protagonists, both of whom are nicknamed Shallie. The remake offers new costumes, dungeons, bosses, characters, and an expanded story line that promises to answer the questions left hanging in the original game. This is especially helpful, since this entry acts as the finale to the Dusk trilogy, reinforced by the fact that it brings back Ayesha and Logy as playable characters, both of whom were absent in the original game save for a brief cameo. I haven’t played the original since I knew that a Plus remake was inevitable, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this entry ties up the Dusk trilogy.


Akiba’s Beat; Acquire / XSeed; PS Vita/PS4

I have never played Akiba’s Trip and have absolutely no intention to ever so much as touch it. Akiba’s Beat, despite being a successor to that game (thankfully) seems to have no ties to it other than sharing the same setting. What got me excited about this game was how the gameplay seemed to combine the Tales Series‘ combat system with the Persona series, and based on the preview videos I’ve seen, it’s looking like the battle system will be just as fun to go through. And once again, XSeed is offering an adorable plush of the game’s mascot character as its pre-order bonus. You’re killing my wallet here, XSeed.


Summon Night 6: Lost Borders; Bandai Namco / Gaijinworks; PS Vita / PS4

Last year, Gaijinworks did the unthinkable. It localized two PSP games and released actual physical copies of them. One of those games was Summon Night 5, which I’m currently playing through. Despite its age, the game play is still a lot of fun and having multiple endings, two protagonists (a male and female), and four partners to choose from at the start of the game give it a lot of replay value. Summon Night 6 will undoubtedly feature that same amount of replay value as well as improved graphics, mechanics, and a full English dub, and as soon as I’m finished with Summon Night 5, I’m sure I’ll be itching to revisit the world in this game.


Project Diva Future Tone; Sega; PS4

When I was in high school, longingly looking at playthroughs of Project Diva on YouTube, I never would have expected that any of the games would ever be released in English. Now, a few years later, Project Diva games have been consistently localized and with each new release in Japan, a localization announcement is sure to follow. Future Tone offers new songs, modules, improved graphics, and new mechanics that’s sure to get rhythm game fans and Vocaloid fans alike brimming with excitement. While I am excited for it, I’ll probably hold out a bit longer in case a Vita port is announced, as I find that these kinds of games tend to be easier to play on portable devices.