Not drunk enough is written and drawn by : Tessa Stone

Not Drunk enough follows a foul mouthed man by the name of Logan caught in a hellish place of  experiments and monsters and fellow trapped humans.The span of the comic generally focuses on the night in question that Logan entered the lab and the experiments went afoul. Though sometimes there are flashbacks to before the night those are rare and far between, essentially everything that’s happened in the comic has happened on that single night.

The characters are for the most part likeable, albeit a good chunk of them are dicks they are dicks within reason in a very tense situation.

The art style has stayed relatively the same over the years no changes too flash or jarring in their style. Yet their art style in of itself is very engaging and suits itself well for the web comic format.

Overall Id recommend the comic, it is engaging, interesting, and fairly creative with characters / personalities / and design. It does feature a lot of gore / blood sometimes as featured below so that should be taken into account, but sometimes the creator censors it a bit.