Helvetica by -J.N Wiedle

Helvetica hollows the story of a young skeleton who just died, the culture of these undead are to name the person the first word they utter whenever they come into existence for they know no other information about their previous lives. It shows Helvetica’s struggle to adjust to a new unlife after literally dying. The comic hasn’t been running exceptionally long, and has been on a hiatus for a significant amount of time, but the creator vows that it isnt dead and will continue to update shortly it began in 2011 and the latest true update was in January of 2016.

The art style has shifted over the years becoming less sketchy and more refined. Though I preferred the more painterly look of the beginning pages its style has become more unified overall. The comic doesn’t do anything exceptionally well or bad its sub par, sort of reminds me of Fandango with every character being essentially undead in a version of the afterlife where people just live their lives like normal.