written and drawn by Félix Lavallée

Flaky pastry is an odd comic that follows the life of Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel. A various mix of mythological humanoids living in a modern city. Nitrine and Marelle needed a new roomate and they ended up with the chaotic Zintiel. The comic starts off as a little slice of life + fantasy comic and was interesting enough having a dragon landlord and what not.The comic though has attempted to give itself an overarching story by introducing new plots and arcs that altogether feel forced in an attempt to make it work with the story’s beginning from time travel, cloning, to chaos world invasions it will do anything to attempt to steer the story. The writing is rather bland and predictable but the characters are generally likable and entertaining at the very least. The comic has been ongoing since 2005 so there are around six to seven hundred pages to sift through. Overall I wouldn’t rate this comic -too- terribly high because it certainly becomes confusing and uninteresting as the writer attempts to force it to be interesting and zaney unsuccessfully in later years.