Written and Drawn by : DED

The boy who fell follows around a middle- highschool aged boy who fell off a roof and died, it follows his adventures in hell and how he attempts to survive and return to life. The devil made a deal with him to complete a task and gave him a special set of weapons call the Hell’s Kitchen. He eventually discovers that he really shouldn’t be in hell and that the only reason he is there is Lord Devil’s machinations.

Otherwise this comic is about a scared shenji like boy who must learn to adapt to a land where everyone would want to kill him if they knew he was a human. The comic has grown a lot over the years it was started in 2014 and has been updating dutifully nearly every Tuesday and Friday so with the biweekly content it has gotten a considerable chunk of material in a short amount of time.

The art and the story in this comic is both phenomenal, though it has an unnatural choice to be read like an eastern manga right to left as opposed to left to right considering its a webcomic and not manga format.