Since we’re finally moving into the Autumn season, I wanted to bring attention to one of my favorite EPs that fits perfectly into the Autumn mood. Lucky You! is a small collaboration between musician/producer Primary and singer Oh Hyuk from the band Hyukoh (yeah don’t ask, I don’t know either lol).

All the songs have such a mellow feel. The beats are pretty slow and couple that with Oh Hyuk’s soft voice, we get the perfect combination. They’re the type of songs that have me wanting to grab a warm drink, snuggle in blankets and lay down to take things slow. I have no other way to describe these songs truthfully. You guys really just need to take a short listen to fall in love (pun totally intended :D).

There are three music videos for three of the songs, but sadly not a fourth one for “Etunnel”. And this version of “Gondry” featuring Lim Kim is a remix of sorts from the original “Gondry” by the band Hyukoh.

Here’s the whole EP:

Brought to you by Aimee.