This past week I’ve voted for the 2016 presidential election.

Although there are 27,000 students on The University of Texas at Dallas campus, I only saw two booths operated by student organizations that assisted with registering students to vote for the 2016 presidential election. It’s my personal belief that if the student body holistically were exposed to politics Bernie Sanders would be still be in the race right now. I find it ridiculous that on the second day of early voting at 8:00am that my friend and I were the only young people in line to vote that morning. These early votes do count. Also at the same time, Bernie Sanders seems very elderly and deranged, delivering his message in a similar fashion to Donald Trump. However, He was going against Hilary in her own party, whereas if he ran for office as a republican, he could’ve possibly won against Trump and currently be up against Hilary.

Since Sanders is Jewish he probably would have balance the budget greatly lol! But you know congress would’ve got in the way. Their gonna sh*t on him in congress because they’re a bunch of protestant as*holes and Obama (Dr. President Obama) being black was a big effing deal to them. Not just him being black but also a Democrat from Harvard you know, really the best. He’s the most credible to be president and everyones hates him so much. He’s passionate, he loves this country and he is a normal person. And I think if everything goes well I think our country will change for the better, and the whole planet too by Globally with cutting down carbon dioxide emissions.