YES! Lay (real name: Zhang Yixing) has finally released his solo album Lose Control. Lay is actually the last remaining Chinese member in my fav boy band EXO, so of course, I had to share his hard work with you all. I’m totally in love with these tracks because of how well Lay has composed, arranged, and written for every one of them. You can tell the love he has for his craft with how put together these songs are, and how they compliment each other. I can somehow feel a growing styling in his music with this album. It’s sweet and mellow, a perfect listen for late nights. The song that resonates with me the most is “Relax”. “Relax” perfectly fits in with the late night floaty feels when you’re about to go to sleep.

And because this post is about sharing Lay’s composed songs, I just want to also share this song he wrote for fans in an earlier EXO album. This song definitely hits lots of strong emotional notes.

Another great rec brought to you by Aimee.