Peaceful Cuisine is a YouTube channel operated by  Ryoya Takashima. He creates healthy vegan dishes while adopting a relaxing, dialogue free format.

I just recently discovered this channel a few weeks ago and what attracted me was not only his great recipes, but the way he films and paces his videos. Honestly, they are so well thought out and executed that the videos take on a form of art.

In this video he creates a vegan version of classic mint chocolate chip flavored ice-cream, using some unlikely ingredients in the process, such as cacao butter and powder to make his own chocolate.

Depending on your bent of mind and your attention span, you will either find his process intriguing and entertaining or straight up boring. But personally I enjoy his format: it’s a nice change of pace from the overly sensationalized and loud food programming you find everywhere else.

Go ahead and check the video out and see what you think!