Have you ever gotten super focused about dealing with something immediate in your life? like an exam or a big project due soon and found that you lose touch of literally everything else? i find i have no idea whats going on with everything in particular new movies and tv shows I want to see. my goodness i haven’t been on Netflix in so long. theres so much to do so many things i could watch and play. I want to see the new seasons of Gotham ,flash,arrow, daredevil. and now theres Jessica jones and luke cage and legends of tomorrow and vikings and the list just goes on and on. not to mention the world of gaming. all sorts of cool stuff coming out every month.i don’t own a console or windows machine so i have never seriously played but there are still many titles i would be very interested in. skyrim could entertain me for months as well as battlefield I’m sure. I could likely spend 50% of my waking hours consuming truly worthy content and never get through all of it. The unfortunate truth is you have to prioritize. It would not be healthy for me to go to work and go to school and then every other spare moment consuming media all day long. neither would I want to. I am aware of many people who live that way though.

At some point people are so enthralled with fictitious stories and worlds unlike ours that they forget to live.Many people try to make themselves a character in their favorite fantasies and keep pushing to feel important or they keep looking for that perfect life filled with the right amount of adventure and danger and excitement and happiness and peace . Unfortunately what these people are looking for cannot be found in a fairy tale. I understand that many people like myself look at the world that we live in and would rather pretend we live in another realm in a perfectly fabricated world. These are the people that fill the world of the matrix. We all have our own little matrix we choose to exist in because we don’t want to deal with reality in all its inevitable pain and suffering.However living in these fantasies is only a substitute for the real thing. There is hope for such  joy that can be fealt beyond the pain.Seldom will anyone find the life they desire because it is hidden from them and because we don’t see it in front of us we don’t run to it because how else could we believe its there?The mountain peak is hidden above a dense and seemingly endless forest like the forrest of mirkwood in the hobbit.We may know intellectually that our destination  lies beyond but in the thickness we cant tell that we have made any progress. will we ever leave this thick shroud?Ironically enough i just used a fairy tale to describe life. Thats the paradigm,we live for these fairy tales but these fairy tales are depicting real life! Don’t  substitute the stories for reality but use them the way they are intended. these stories help us realize and remember that the world we live in is an adventure filled with all sorts of plot twists  and turns and in the thick of it we forget that we are a part of a grand adventure. If you were Bilbo the hobbit in the forrest you would feel much the same as you do now. These stories remind us of hope and should encourage us to live passionately . If you idolize and fixate on the world of a good story you are missing the whole point .These stories are there to remind us of the grand adventure we are caught up in or at least the adventure we can have if we choose to follow the path.