There’s no question that modern era has expanded the new norms of relationship interactions. Helen Fisher makes the claim that modern era love is beginning to resemble that of prehistoric love, a relationship she says that is based on equality. Marriage is beginning to have different meanings. Before marriage was the beginning to falling truly in love with someone, no marriage is more so the finale. Today’s young people want wait longer to marry, premarital sex and living with someone before marriage is now very typical. Helen Fisher works for and studies the new data of relationship statistics and how that affected by the modern age. Fisher says that people nowadays are more cautious and want to have pre-commitments before the final commitments, a slow love that is synonymous with the uncertainty of the future. The counter argument is that there are so many partner options at our disposal because of social media that individuals are no caught up with doubt on whether they are with the right person, therefore settle for instead stable ambiguity pushing marriage out in the distance.