Yay more kpop. TWICE just released their new concept today and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint but there is something that I find off putting to some degree, more on that later.

Video: They went with the season and chose a Halloween theme for the visuals with are nothing short of pleasing. The production is high with plenty of green screen shots and special effects taking place throughout. It’s fun to see how the producers  fashioned each member in their own personification of Halloween, having them be more than just normal humans in costumes. Score? A+ here.

Song: Honestly, if we are talking harmonically and melodically,  this is one of my favorite releases this year and definitely my favorite comeback from TWICE, which is saying a lot. The amazing use of reverb on the vocals opens up the music space, allowing other elements of the song to shine through. Melody plays the most important part in pop songs and this release constructs some memorable melodies that are both catchy and fresh…  And again, I love the openness and melancholy aspect of the entire track: It’s kpop no doubt, but it’s different and fresh from other releases we’ve seen this year.

But… that thing I mentioned at the start of this post? Yeah, the chorus… don’t get me wrong, melodically I like the chorus and as I stated before, the whole production is tops in my book, but the words T T or rather.. TEE TEE…Yeah, sounds like piss right? At least to me it does, and I know others have commented on this as well. I am aware it’s a cultural thing and I am also aware of what they mean by the T_T reference, but I wish they had chosen another word or anything else other than that… come on JYP, be clever.

Other than that, as far as kpop goes, the track is A+ here as well… with the glaring fault? B- maybe…?