Written and drawn by Blue Delliquanti

O human star features a futuristic setting that follows 2 core robotics inventors. Though the interesting part of the story is that one died decades ago and has been suddenly brought back to life as a robot by a mysterious 3rd party. Now this robotic Sterling has to adjust to the futuristic world he is an imitation of his past dead self, but with all his old memories.

The comic does an interesting narrative choice of showing the present in blue ink and the past in red, it creates a innovative choice to immediately figure out when the setting is be it past or future on the fly.

This comic has won some awards for its merit the “2012 Prism Comics Queer Press Grant, Ignatz Outstanding Online Comic award in 2015, Lambda Literary award in 2016, and it won Best Self-Published Work and Best in Show at the DINK Awards in 2016. ”

The story overall is pretty phenomenal though can be a bit confusing to follow at points because it doesn’t always fill in the past very well, and it does an excellent job of handling LGBT issues in a comic

Id recommend giving this comic a read if you’re interest in lgbt issues, robots, roboticists, and futuristic stories .