Written And Drawn by – Andrew Hussie

Homestuck is fundamentally about 4 children playing a game together as the world ends. It was started 13th of April, 2009 and came to a supposed end April 13th  2016. The story is quite expansive considering there are thousands upon thousands of pages, Six different arcs with sub parts to it, including a wacky intermission. I’m not going to explain the story too much because its far too expansive, has too many characters, and far too much to go into in a simple Analysis.

The art improved drastically over the years as flash animations and guest artists were included in the story. The writing was always witty, even though its a little long winded, some pages could have no words and simply be an art page or animation, or have a chat log that takes several minutes to read.

If youre interested in reading a webcomic that is basically the equivilient of a series of books worth of content, have an expansive creative universe, and witty humor than homestuck is the comic for you.