Tiffany, a member from the hugely popular (or used to be hugely popular) kpop group SNSD,  released a string of tracks and one mini album during the middle of this year. Heartbreak hotel breaks away from her dance influenced single ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ and opts in for a more sensual, intimate and emotionally charged ballad of sorts. The strongest part of this track in my humble opinion is  the melody that revolves around  the  embellishment back up vocals. Collectively they provide their own harmony that enhance the main harmonic aptitude of the piano and ambient instruments in the track.

Aside from the technicalities of the work, Tiffany looks stunning and the video is shot with care and thought in mind. In addition, the video doesn’t look cheap and has nice color grading and coherency between scenes.

Tiffany isn’t one of my favorite kpop artists but I admit her solo debut is exactly what I thought her record label would do to represent her adequately. The music has proven to be much more my style than other kpop solo debuts this year and I highly recommend this track and her 1st mini album ‘I Just Wanna Dance’