people have been asking this question for a very long time but I love the way the question is addressed in one of my favorite movies ever the Matrix.I enjoy the philosophy of complex abstract questions like this so naturally i spend a lot of time pondering it myself. In the Matrix the answer was the world in which Neo was living in was really a computer program  and his senses were simply seeing a physical world that wasn’t there.We may not live in a computer program but the film is famous for making us think about the question seriously. The truth is that everything that we perceive is based on our senses and we have no way of knowing for sure if what our senses are telling is the truth or if they could be completely wrong. Thinking this way can entirely ilegitimize all science and math and any truth we believe because everything we know is based on what our sense have given us. I believe that while i may not know everything about the nature of the universe and how it works but i do believe there i a right and a wrong answer. Just because we don’t know doesn’t mean that we should treat everyones opinion equally.I have major issues with the postmodern ideas that are present in the minds of most millennials. How can we improve or get better at anything if we believe that everyones right in their own way and there isn’t such a thing as a wrong answer? We may not know anything for sure but we need to not give up the search for what the truth actually is. Most people I know isn’t searching anymore and they settle for what they know and stop striving for something better . We must keep moving towards understanding and not lay stagnant.