This song has officially joined my list of weekly jams. I’ve been replaying the song since it’s full release, and I highly doubt that my addiction to this jam is gonna break anytime soon. It’s such a catchy dance track with wonderful vocals by Tinashe. But the most important thing of all is how the song also features Chanyeol. You may ask who this boy is, but if you’re a fan of EXO like me, you already know. Or if you remembered my very first music recommendation, the name may be familiar to you as well. (Check it out if you haven’t.) Truthfully, this song came on my radar because of Chanyeol’s feature. I 100% approve his appearance in the music video and his rap. His verse might not be understandable¬†at first, but that’s because he was rapping in English and Korean. Anyways, adding this song onto your dance playlist is a necessity. Give some luv to all the artists.

Rec brought to you by Aimee.