Without a doubt, I’m back again with Ladies’ Code’s newest title track “더 레인(The Rain)”from their new album Strang3r. This song is everything I wanted from their new album. They’ve definitely continued with the mysterious and chic vibes, but there’s a new classy funk tune mixed in as well. The music video isn’t a disappointed either. Once again, aesthetics reign supreme. The color coordination between all the solo shots is beautifully done. Purple and yellow, red-orange and blue-green, orange and green. And despite the depressing mood these ideas emit, I love the images of raining indoors, the goldfish struggling out of water, and breaking mirrors. They all complement each other in a weird way. And the last scene of floating umbrellas certainly leaves a lasting impression with its artsy surrealism concept. Also, can I just say I really appreciate the floral umbrella props. I’m tempted to make myself one for fun.

Another recommendation brought to you by Aimee.