This song has definitely been one of my previous jams of the week where I literally put the song on repeat for a whole week because I couldn’t stop listening to it. “Galaxy” by Ladies’ Code is the title song from their single album Myst3ry. With this song and album, Ladies’ Code has taken a new tune to their music. I want to describe it as mysteriously chic. This new turn is probably a result of a tragic car accident the group experienced resulting in the death of two members. RIP EunB and RiSe. Despite this hard point in their lives, the rest of the girls (Ashley, Sojung, Zuny) pulled through and brought out more great music.

The music video for “Galaxy” is such a visually stunning piece to go along with the captivating song. It’s very simple but has so many aesthetically pleasing aspects. The concept of three (to represent the remaining three members) is visually represented with triangles, items grouped up in threes, and the number itself. To compliment this idea, geometric images are displayed, so when you see such shapes, your mind goes back to the most basic polygonal shape–the triangle. My favorite scene that supports this idea is where the members wear the same patterned top to blend in with the red and white geometric backdrop.

On an extra note, Ladies’ Code is coming back with a new album soon titled Strang3r. With one look at the mv teaser, I already fell in love with the title song and its concept. It seems that they’re going to keep up the mysterious and chic vibes. Don’t doubt that I’m definitely gonna recommend the song once it’s released.
Here’s the teaser:

This recommendation was brought to you by Aimee.