Here’s more k-pop for you guys this week. I had to indulge myself in more fangirl feels because BTS has come out with another spectacular album today. So, BTS, of course, is gonna be one of my artist recommendations, along with their new album WINGS being an album recommendation, plus “피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)” being a song recommendation. I had to finally recommend them this week because they are another group I heavily follow, only second to EXO. Here’s a super quick intro to them: BTS (Korean name-방탄소년단) is a 7-member boy band under BigHit Entertainment and made their debut back in 2013.

The reason I’m recommending them is because they have always delivered powerful performances and songs, and put-together albums. WINGS is no exception. What’s special about this album is how each member gets a solo song, and you can clearly hear each of the members’ distinct voices. There’s no disconnection between any of these songs at all. All the songs emit a feeling of surrealism, perfect to complimenting the album’s name. The music video for their title song “Blood Sweat & Tears” also continues this concept visually.

Definitely check out their other stuff:

This recommendation was brought to you by Aimee.