Here’s a track that I find really fits with the impending cold season… Lively but mellow with a  slow steady hip hop beat that feels right for the time.

Those that are not familiar with Korean pop music, (k-pop) the  boy group is called BigBang and consists of 5 members that adorn distinctive personalities within the group. The group formed way back in 2006 by YG Entertainment and are regarded as one of the longer lasting groups with their career spanning 10 years.

Okay, back to the track. This track came out in 2012, so little more than 4 years ago. I believe it still holds up, mainly because the whole song has a nostalgic quality to it and hip hop tracks have the potential to sound timeless.

It’s a quick post tonight, so go ahead and chill out to pretty much my favorite track from Big Bang…”Bad Boy”


P.S…G-Dragon for the win (the first member that appears that looks like a furry ninja turtle with that hilarious jacket on)