Written and drawn by – Rich Burlew

The Order of the sticks is one of the comics I have been keeping up with for the longest time probably, it is currently on page 1054 so there is a considerable amount of content that has been produced over the years.

The story follows a generic rag tag group of adventures, and its a very standard DND based story. It mocks and teases a lot at standard dnd tropes, rules and mechanics. So a lot of the inside jokes will go over some reader’s heads that lack a background in tabletop gaming. Otherwise it is a phenominal story that has wit, jokes, and an immersive story once you delve into it. It does start rather lacking in art though, because everything is still in fact stickfigures, but his art evolves over the years into something respecitvle despite still being stick figures.

If you like or play dnd The order of the sticks is the story for you.