Koti Saavedra writes and draws Awaken

Awaken follows a student name Piras whose life is thrown into disarray when he runs his moped into a mysterious stranger. He uncovers a goverment plot to cover up outsiders, magical artifacts, and fearsome beasts. He first comes into contact with these forces when he picks up a dagger that transforms into a sword with his power of flux. Eventually the goverment catches on to his using the flux an attempts to arrest him, forcing him to flee his school with the mysterious stranger and her friend.

Awaken is a sort of a slow story to pick up, but it is interesting enough to hold my attention, it has a complex world and some level of intrigue to it.

Overall I would give Awaken a passing score, and would reccomend anyone to read this comic, it falls into a bunch of different genres so there is a lot anyone could enjoy from it.