Can I first begin by saying, I’m totally rooting for Hilary just because she’s going to be Americas First Woman President, maybe? And Trump is just way too Hollywood Wild for me. Hilary is also level headed, wise and compassionate. Which is another reason why I feel more comfortable with her as our leader. It wouldn’t hurt, whereas I feel like over the course of four years Donald Trump could cause some global damage, or worse be a totally annoying American president.


Donald is going to say some hardcore stuff about our country.

Hilary is going to act like he’s crazy, that she’s smarter than him and knows whats really going on – which indeed might be true.

Donald is going to try to remain cool like Pence, but will eventually “pop off”, aka Get Wild, maybe say something about NAFTA, Bill sleeping with other women, her emails and National security, cutting tax for everyone – which means no parks, roads etc. libraries, education budget for upkeep.  This could either mean the rich will have to lower their market prices – or – the prices will remain the same and the middle class turns back into an 18th century english tenement home, working man situation.

Hilary is going to say, that Donald’s tax returns will show that he owes money to China and Russia/ or has large amounts of money there that he hasn’t brought back into the U.S. And that any money he brought into the U.S. was laundered through his Charity foundation.

Donald will say in return that, The Clinton Foundation has accepted donations from Big Corporations as a lobbying scheme. And that he laundered money because the trade laws she help create makes it difficult for the U.S to trade.

and that he’s smart of course,

Anyways, wouldn’t it be crazy if Hilary’s deleted emails were actually emails to/from Obama ?



Hmm. That might be a major stretch but the idea seeded itself from somewhere. Maybe I think this because I saw a particular incriminating photo from when Obama and Hilary took out Osama Bin-Laden. I think they might’ve had a moment there. Anyways, Watch the debate tonight!