i immensely enjoy playing modded Minecraft on my own server. Most certainly my favorite mod right now is witchery. Like the technical challenges that come with other mods but the mechanics available in the witchery mod are some of my favorites ever. I feel in my won gameplay as much time i have put into witchery i still am barely scratching the surface of all the stuff that can be done. Recently I got into the enchanted twig which is essentially  a harry potter style wand that has some of your classic spells like expelliarmus, flipendo ,difindo and so on. I can’t tell you how cool it is to make one of those wands and use it on your friends. The stuff i can do is immense and to even briefly overview all the things that are a part of this mod is a feat in and of itself. i know many people align themselves with different mods like thaumcraft but i just enjoy the mechanics of witchery more than any other.