Above is a video of the Sunday mid-day performance of Die Atwoord for The Austin City Limits Festival that happens every beginning of October in Austin Texas. I personally did not go this year just simply due to the fact that I totally forgot to even get a ticket to go before it was too late. But If I was there I would be standing in front of this particular stage because I LOVE die Antwoords eclectic South African style.

Thanks to Youtubes’ new implementation of Youtube ‘LIVE’, unloaders can now stream live video to their subscribers. Which means for people like myself who didn’t make it in their plans to go to Austin City Limits Festival can still go by vicariously watching video.

Below is the active working link that will stream Die Antwoord’s performance live tonight starting 9pm.

Note: The link will disable after the performance or when the content uploader feels like disabling the link.