Jonathan here, back with another music recommendation. I’ve recommended another track by the Australian  electronic music duo Empire Of The Sun before… so you’re probably slightly familiar with them. This track came off their 2013 album Ice on the Dune  and is possibly my favorite track off that release. It’s starts off with a trebley guitar riff that’s greeted by warm spacious  vocals to kick off the the verse. The real meat of the track ( as with most tracks, but in particular this track) is the chorus,  that hits hard with the full range beat and the warm, huge sounding  saw tooth synth that drives the chorus to something really catchy and powerful.

As much as I think highly of this tracks song structure and production… I can’t say much for the video. Honestly I was pleasantly  surprised this song got a video, but the video falls short and doesn’t really match the track in my opinion. It’s not a horrible video, but I believe it doesn’t fit well with the bands image. At any rate, if you’re into melodic, vocal driven EDM, then definitely check this track out and their other work!