Minecraft has been successful since the very beginning but nothing took off more then the addition of user made modifications to gameplay. very soon after the release of the game tons of java developers got to work on making mods so big that in many cases they could be a game all by themselves.In the youtube Minecraft community all the videos that did the best had some aspect of modded in them.The game became a big thing partially because the platform allowed people to do anything, and that includes making the game their own.Inside the community there were a handful of developers that cornered the market on modding and they had the largest franchises like tinkers construct or thaumcraft.These mods were used to create mod packs which were an accumulation of hundreds of mods all added into the game. These packs give the player literally infinite possibilities on what they can potentially do.This travelled well into early 2014 until the addition of the 1.8 version of Minecraft. In past updates the modpacks would work on a earlier version of Minecraft until some of these newer updates changed the way the code was written substantially. After that updating the packs to work on newer systems became painfully tedious.It became quickly impractical for the modded developers to update their mods.Essentially they would have to completely rewrite the mods from scratch in order to have a newer version of it. As a result the mods updated to 1.8 became extremely limited and not as expansive as the mods available on the previous version. All the staple mods that were seen in previous packs were either not in the new update or they were smaller diminished versions of what they were. The result of this is most of the modded community have decided to stay on the older versions rather then trying to adjust. This has caused some real issues in the community because of how important the modded community is to the whole franchise.The modded players were all looking for word to playing on a better version of Minecraft with better performance but instead they are forced to stay on an outdated version in order to continue enjoying what they did before.Possibly newer versions of the game like the upcoming windows 10 version will create a more friendly platform to build on for a new generation of modded developers