Mojang is calling the newest version of minecraft the exploration update,its very exciting to those of us dedicated to the game.Of all the new edition si think the shulcker shell chest will be a new mechanic we will play with for a very long time. I’m excited for what the community will do with this tool. the shucker chest is made from killing a shucker and getting their shell. you surround  a chest with the shell and create a shucker box. The valuable thing about the shulker box is that it will allow you to break the box and retain the components inside it similar in nature to an ender chest thus allowing you to carry another inventory with you as you explore. I think most people will find the alpacas to be the most exciting. people like their pets and the alpacas are definately interesting. The features are all surrounding exploration for sure. Th cartographers make it more fun because it gets annoying aimlessly walking to find something that is super rare but with a cartographer you can find the location of things like ocean monuments and the new mansions easier and discourages people from cheating and using different structure finding tools in minecraft which is far as updates go its not a massive one but its got some things that will most certainly keep us interested for a while.