I first discovered Daoko through her work in “ME!ME!ME!”, but fell in love with her after hearing her again in a sequel work “GIRL”. If you’re unfamiliar with the video titles, they were animated music videos originally posted up on animatorexpo and got attention through its, let’s say, “interesting” content alongside the colorful art style done by Studio Khara. The original full videos have now been taken down due to the site’s “open period” exhibition system, but I’m pretty sure reuploads of the full videos are floating around the internet still.

Here’s a medium length ver. of “GIRL” that was uploaded on Daoko’s official Youtube channel though:
*warning: may include content some people consider inappropriate (partial nudity)

I wanted to give more attention to this Japanese female artist due to her unique vocals. Her voice exudes a dream-like quality that I’m attracted to. Plus, she just released a song working with TeddyLoid again. (TeddyLoid also participated in the making of “ME!ME!ME! and “GIRL”.)

Here it is:

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