Writen and drawn by – Meg Syverud

Colored by – Jessica “Yoko” Weaver

Daughters of the lillies is a fantasy focused webcomic that follows a particular female wizard named Thistle. She considers herself a monster and hides her face from everyone around her. Everyone she has shown her face to reacts terribly, and to this date the readers have yet to see anything beyond a black void where her face should be. She ends up joining an adventure party as is the standard fantasy trope. The group consists of two standard beefy fighter guys and a female elven archer. The story and design of the arcs are nothing too impressive, it sells its self as a general fantasy webcomic and it is exactly just that.

The art though is phenomenal and has a painted feel to it most of the time.The comic flows fairly well and the story is easy to follow and focused, it doesn’t try to do anything too extreme for the sake of originality it attempts to just tell a story in a fantasy realm. The characters all all unique and very distinct from one another and nothing feels too samey.

Daughters of the Lillies is worth a read if you are looking for a quick story to delve into and read, its easy to pick up and rather short because it hasn’t been updating terribly long.