Figure 1. Video of live French Saturday Night Live performance of Ultralight Beam

I recently heard, what was advertised as Kanye Wests new gospel song, on the radio this past week. I though to myself this is going to be very interesting, since Kanye always had a knack for preaching in his songs and providing extreme amount of self-empowerment to its listeners.

After listening to the song I realized that although Kanye owns right to the song, Kanye hardly appeared on the song other than the chorus saying, “This is a God thing, this is everything.” or “we on an Ultralight beam”. He voiced was heavily dressed with virtual synthesizer effects.

No you may be wondering if he wasn’t sing/rapper on the song for more than a line in the chorus then who was holding then song together? Well Kanye had R&B artist The Dream, Gospel Singer Kelly Price and Chance the Rapper.

My favorite part of the song was Chance’s verse.

” You know that n*gga was lost,

I laugh in my head,

Cause I bet that my ex looking back like a pillar of salt.”

nice little biblical reference there, in a line from his verse that I though was interesting.

But overall I think that Kanye Wests performance was very out of tune and breath along with The Dream. I think that Kanye is doing well as a creative director and bringing artists together for colaborations but not doing so well with PR or singing.