Ok, if you’re looking for a great app game to pass time, my first choice is going to have to be Blendoku created by Lonely Few. I love the game’s concept of blending a traditional game of sudoku with colors. Sudoku was already one of my fave types of puzzles but add in the visual aspect of colors make my artist genes super happy. The game is so aesthetically pleasing if you like anything with gradients and color palette making. And the whole game is practically free with a whole bunch of various levels to play. The best part about it is that the developers have also come out with a second game with even more fun concepts in it like a “painters” level where you have to decipher a well-known painting’s color palette. Give some love to this game and go download it. (Both games are available for both Android and iOS.)

——> http://www.blendoku.com/ <——