Some of you may have already seen this video but i can’t stress its brilliance enough. Its appeal is so obvious once you think about it but yet  i never thought off anything like it. In a world filled with so called ‘quick fixes’ this is one of the most obvious answers people miss. Everyone wants the life they want and they want it yesterday and so in our hastiness we miss the real solution because it smells like work. Honestly people don’t want to experience nature because its hard. Really putting yourself in nature can be difficult to do.Truly camping requires leaving our cushy life and our constant distractions aside to deal with yourself. To be honest thats kind of scary, we don’t want to do anything that gives us a glimpse into the little matrix we’ve made for ourselves.True healing of our hearts isn’t fun and most of us would much rather drown ourselves in a constant barrage of distractions so we lose our hearts in the process. The truth is that to live the life we desire to have ,it means unplugging yourself from your own little matrix . The doctor prescribes a good dose of nature to begin living in the real wold. Its not an easy step to make but nothing ever truly good in this life comes easily.So many of the worlds problems could be fixed if we stopped believing this lie. Nothing truly great ever comes easily. look on up