Minecraft has gone through a great deal of changes in the past couple of years but nothing has changed the course of the game more then the Microsoft takeover. People in the community are all wondering what will likely happen next. Will Microsoft crush the franchise because they don’t understand it?Does this mean the game will change so much that its no longer Minecraft its exciting to some but worrying to others. I’m not sure exactly what to think but i have the decisions Microsoft has made in the past to judge what is likely to happen in the future.Microsoft is obviously looking for some free cash they can glean from the popular franchise. The question is how far will they go with it. We also know they have for a while been developing their version of the game to be a complete redesign of the code. Fore me this has a lot of worry because if their version of the game becomes the official version then likely all the mac users like myself will not be able to play it. While many of us see a lot of potential with a fresh possibly better designed game it leaves the question to how open will it be? is it being written in java or  c++? its a problem for me but nonetheless it could be very ice to see a new version of the game better design out there.