ZHU is a Chinese American house producer and singer.  There is not a whole lot to say about him as a person, he’s quite reclusive and chooses to remain anonymous for the most part.

He does have a video for this song but I’m not really a fan of it, I believe it takes a way from my perception of how the song “looks” in my mind.

This track is  not the most complex he’s written, but I have to say it is one of the more listenable\ chill tracks he’s produced. His voice has a smooth, airy character to it which fits the benign lyrics and smooth progression of the work. This song is a warm, relaxing track with a steady four on the floor beat (typical of House music) adorned with a wide, mid rangy pad that provides the chord progression to the piece.  After the verse, we are introduced to the bouncy bass line, which almost gives this work a Deep House vibe.

I urge you to check his other work out, he just released his first solo album which has some pretty nice tracks on it. If you like house or are curious about the genre, definitely pay ZHU some attention.

Anyhow, summer is on its way out… so give this track a listen to feel that hot, summer vibe before the seasons change  ❤