Written and drawn by Minna Sundberg

This story focuses on the Scandinavian region that has been ravened by a plague of epic proportions that completely and utterly devastates the world. The comic starts out when the plague is just beginning and then eventually time skips 70 or so years into the future into the protected portions of Scandinavian such as Iceland that is protected by natural borders. It then follows the efforts of a rag tag underfunded team of explorers that set out into the old world to find books and old knowledge to bring back to civilization. Magic also exists in this world but only to select Nordic faiths. There are also beasts called trolls that are horrible amalgamations of creatures and flesh caused by the disease.

The art and lore in this story are phenomenal and its one of my favorite webcomics of all time. The creative powers of this artist are awe inspiring. All the characters are interesting and engaging and I implore anyone to give this comic a read, you wont be dissapointed.