Written and drawn by – Zack Morrison

Paranatural follows the life of Max and his family who just moved back to his father’s hometown. His father recently bought a two story convenience store and is moving into the house above it and planning to run the store. The story begins as a normal story about a kid attempting to integrate into a new school after moving at a difficult time. Then Max begins to see things, ghosts and spirits moving about in the school. He eventually comes across the “Activity Club” whose sole purpose is to protect the school and mayview as a whole from any spirits that may cause troubles.

The art style changes over the years, Zack’s style has become less sketchy more round and has a very cohesive style. The comic’s tiles also have better pacing to have a more realistic comic book feel, in the beginning it seemed that Zack was cutting up frames willy nilly with no rhyme or reason, but as time went on he grew a better understanding of how to arrange comic pages.

The humor is also on point, I have rarely ever read a story that is as creatively funny constantly through the entire story. Suffice to say If you want a good laugh, an interesting story with creative lore, Paranatural is the story to read.