Monsterkind –

written and drawn by Taylor C.

Monsterkind follows the life of Wallace Foster, a Social worker from district A who recently got reassigned to a new district. Wallace has to move to district E to help his clients, though the inhabitants of district E are slightly different than the citizens of district A, nearly everyone in district E is a a human with a monstrous appearance. From scaled skin , to stitched together, to tentacle arms, district E is a foreign place for Wallace. Yet he goes into his new assignment with optimism and is immideatly met with a serious issue. Most monsters on his list of clients do not trust normal humans after years of living as second class citizens in one of the poorest districts Wallace has serious issues not getting every door slammed in his face whenever he makes a house call.

The art-style rapidly changes over the years, her art has become softer and has a more cohesive feel to it as you can see below from the first image of Wallace, to his most recent appearance in the comic. Nearly all of the characters have had a change in appearance sometimes minor or major as the artist grew and adapted over the years.