On Korean dance show Hit The Stage, dance crew Just Jerk came out with a special performance that blew me away.

The theme for this round was “crazy”, and let me tell you, from beginning to the end that they definitely delivered crazy. It was a non-stop performance of intense choreography and high energy. Each song cut brought in different dance moves that kept the audience immersed and interested. And as you watch, you keep thinking, the dance is bound to end soon with how long the dance has been going on for. There’s a small pause where everyone thinks this is it, it’s finally over. But, NOPE. There’s still more, and you’re glad there’s more to it because you just can’t get enough of this stage.

There was never a dull moment in the performance, except if you count the cuts of the audience’s faces just to show their expressions. If only Mnet releases a clip of Just Jerk’s pure dancing goodness will my heart finally rest in pieces. That’s right, I meant pieces because this performance was just that good.