I have always loved movies and powerful stories told through the medium. There is something powerful about the convergence of so many art forms coming together to communicate an idea that is just so powerful. I have been in awe of the power that certain movies have had on me and the way they have made me feel.being a very analytical person I naturally have spent  a great deal of time trying to understand how films create such an emotional impact on us. why did that scene in Pixar’s Up make me cry? Why do I feel different about the sacrifice of WWII veterans after seeing Saving Private Ryan? These are question i have dedicated myself to understanding and the crazy   thing is that most of hollywood couldn’t give you a good answer to this question. While there are good movies the majority of what you see coming out of hollywood isn’t very entertaining as high production value as some movies may be, it still doesn’t capture us the way stories like Lord Of The Rings or Titanic have.


I believe that the problem lies in a lack of something I call emotional integrity.  Emotional integrity is all about staying true to real human emotion. Many people criticize cinema and TV because they aren’t real and  he scenario’s and situations are unrealistic and exaggerated. Unrealistic scenario’s  or stories are not necessarily the problem. Many stories primarily comedies use over exaggeration to add to the humor of a situation. The exaggeration adds to the entertainment because it focuses not on what the reality of the situation is but rather on what the feelings of the people involved are thinking and  feeling.As long as a story ties itself deeply to humanity   or some part of it; it has the most key part of good storytelling.


I like to explain this phenomenon by comparing the Adam west batman to the more recent dark knight series. the Adam west batman was arguably the worst batman series ever made. It can be humorous to watch because of its absurdity but can’t at all be taken seriously.The term cliché and cheesy are used for entertainment like this. To understand why this media is so bad we have to ask some questions about its emotional integrity. Do you think batman could be a real person that exists in the real world? I can’t possibly believe that someone like that could exist.Possibly a guy running around in tights that thinks he’s batman but not that guy. The dialogue consists of things that no human would ever say in those scenarios. The emotions expressed were clearly not authentic in any way and the stories are innately unhuman. You may have heard of the uncanny valley before, well the concept can also apply to storytelling as well as human figures.While the adam west batman might be a harmless caricature of humanity it certainly doesn’t feel human.  There are many stories that you see nowadays that feel off because they don’t have enough humanity in them. Somehow deep down you feel that there is something wrong about these stories even though it’s happening on the screen in front of you ,you cant fall into the illusion of film and believe that the story is real.


However there are those few exceptions like the dark knight trilogy that was very raw and real and believable. many famous directors like tim burton have looked in awe at this series and were amazed at how dark the movies were and yet everyone from every demographic came to see these movies. It worked better than even tim Burton’s version of batman because the writers asked the question. If batman was real and there really was a Gotham city what would it be like?That question is what distinguishes the true masterpieces of cinema from the cheap garbage. I can go through the processes of ever genius director and most of what they are trying to do is to represent the story in as authentic and believable way as possible. Steven Spielberg had the cast of Saving Private Ryan go through a boot camp identical to the one given to enlisted men in WWII they spent years preparing themselves for the role they would play. I think arguably Saving Private Ryan has to be one of the most accurate portrayals of war ever seen on the silver screen.Why? emotional integrity. That’s what matters here, not the factual stuff like is everyone wearing the perfect period piece clothing? are all the events 110% factual?NO, what were those men thinking before they were about to storm the beaches of Normandy? they weren’t worried about their hair like a young actor might be, they were scared to death.

Hopefully i have made my point effectively. I love movies and i really wish more people in hollywood would understand this phenomenon