Minecraft is a game that outsiders seem to have no concept of the popularity and following the game has created.I have seen the game played by 6 year olds and 50 year olds with the same enthusiasm.Why would such a simple voxel based game have the cult like following that it does today? The creators of the game would even go to say that its success was completely unintentional and unpredicted.Being a regular player in the game and having my own personal server i can tell you that its success has very little to do with the game and the intentional gameplay.

Minecraft is one of the very first sandbox games out there. Meaning a game in which there is no intended goal or story like progression of events but rather a series of elements that the player can manipulate any way he chooses.many have tried to create these types of games and failed because often times they focus too much on a perfect look and feel. They try to worry about high poly graphics and still allow complete manipulation of the game enviroment.The problem with the style of most modern games is that because of the limitations on computing power they can only give the player a limited guided journey and not a full environment with complete control.

Minecraft is the only game even still with a truly sandbox environment because of the super simple voxel based design it starts from.because of the games simplicity it has the capacity to create an environment entirely controlled by the player.That is the real secret to its overnight success. You can do anything that you decide to do.Anything you can possibly think of doing within some limits can be done.  that is certainly the appeal that the game has to a younger audience.Children want to explore and test everything a an unlimited environment where they can learn and a game that allows them to act out all of their fantasies is certainly appealing. To the creative builder like myself the appeal is the experience of making something that you gathered resources for and worked to create. its gives a satisfaction that no other game can do. i can live in this world and make things that couldn’t exist in the real world. when i was young i enjoyed learning about castles and knights and I still love medieval fact and fiction.In minecraft one of my favorite things to do is build castles that I can interact with like I really built it in the real world. I actually use it to fend off enemies and so on.  Some people believe that minecraft is only a game for us creative right brained people but that is not even remotely true. the use of another game mechanic called redstone allow for not only aesthetic type builds and creations but allows players to build amazing complex contraptions that do wonderful things.The rules work similarly to most computer languages with boolean circuits.There has even been those that have designed computers inside the game environment.The game can be described as a digital version of the real world minus the limitations.


Nothing else has ever existed like the game and until computer science gets to a higher level nothing will trump its unlimited potential.