This three minute animation from Steven Universe focuses on how issues can be blown out of proportion in different ways. It shows 3 various reactions to  issues which were represented by white butterflies in the animation. The first response was seen by Ruby who became obsessed and enraged by a single issue running off to yell at the lone problem. Sapphire on the other hand became engulfed in her issues as they multiplied and swarmed around her. Connie attempted to ignore and bottle up her issues in her bag until they came spraying out and formed a massive butterfly that seemed impossible to confront. This animation is an important message to children how to move on with difficult trauma, and to not let it consume their lives. How its okay to let go and get on with their lives because the thoughts that are haunting them are just thoughts and no one can change the past.

Steven Universe: Cartoon Network

Music, lyrics, ukulele performance: Rebecca Sugar