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Thinking about Starting a Virtual Journal

I know that may seem like a blog but in actuality,  my method would be to take an actual photo of a journal entry that I written that day and share it through social media. So far I have shared this journal entry/thought with Instagram and Facebook but I haven’t decided  a creative way to share it through video.dec4_poem

Macross 82-99: Artist Recommendation

I’m actually a big fan of future funk/vaporwave music. Macross 82-99 is one of my faves in the genre, so of course, I had to share them this time. But, I also wanted to change it up a bit from all the Korean stuff I usually share. If you’re not familiar with this type of music, here’s a great Reddit page (“subreddit”) to start you out: .

I’m probably drawn to this genre due to its dreamy tones, a sound I’ve previously mentioned of loving with the case of Neon Bunny.  My personal favorites from their album CHAM! are “I Miss You (feat. Roman)” and “Miss Macross”. It’s because these songs have the most Japanese sound influences. (My inner weeb trash is showing. OTL) This type of music might be your cup of tea or not, but it’s definitely something worth checking out if you’re a music junky.


Aimee (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

p.s. this will also be my last post now that the semester has ended

지코 (ZICO) – BERMUDA TRIANGLE (Feat. Crush, DEAN): Song Recommendation

It’s Zico, Crush, and DEAN. There’s nothing really left to say. It’s guaranteed to be a great song because these three made the song. They’re an ultimate trio in my books because Zico, Crush, and DEAN are some of the bests artists in the k-hiphop scene right now. The only other thing worth crying about is how the song isn’t up on Spotify yet.


Five Anime That Need to be Revived


Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket ended on the fourth volume of the manga it was based on. Four out of 23 manga volumes. The anime barely covered a quarter of this beloved shoujo fantasy, and despite its immense worldwide popularity, it never got a second season to continue where it left off, to the disappointment of many. With so many older shows suddenly getting reboots, it would be a crying shame to leave this classic out. If it ever does get remade, though, hopefully it’s done by a different studio. Sorry Studio Deen, but you don’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to making well animated shows.


Ouran High School Host Club

Yet another classic shoujo series, this one still retains its worldwide popularity to this day and many fans consider it to be a classic. Unlike the rest of the shows on this list, Ouran was lucky enough to be animated by Studio Bones, so the show still looks great to this day. So rather than getting a full reboot, this show would probably better benefit from simply getting a new season and picking up where the show last left off before it delved into its anime original ending.


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

The anime adaptation of this Shounen Jump action comedy actually covered a good amount of its source material, with seven seasons and 203 total episodes. It’s a rarity among shounen anime in that it actually managed to add more necessary information in its filler episodes rather than traipsing around aimlessly until the manga caught up. Sadly, it ended before the anime and since the manga’s conclusion, there has yet to be any confirmation for a continuation on the anime’s part. But there is hope. The series is still quite popular in Japan, and D.Gray-Man recently got a new season so it certainly isn’t impossible for this title to be picked up again, though it would probably benefit from a full reboot more, given how…badly the animation for the earlier seasons has aged. And if it gets a reboot, there’s a better chance for it to be released for home video! Seriously, why hasn’t this show been licensed yet?!


Pandora Hearts

Much like Fruits Basket, Pandora Hearts ended much earlier on compared to its source material; opting for an anime original ending instead of waiting for the manga to catch up. While the animation for this show wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t all that great either, so I’d personally prefer a reboot for this series as well…But continuing from where the show left off and ignoring the anime original ending in the same manner that Black Butler‘s third season did wouldn’t be ill advised either. So long as they get the original cast back, and Yuki Kajiura to compose the soundtrack, then I’ll be satisfied. Okay, that’s a lie. I really want this show to have great animation too, because the original art style for the manga is great and it deserves better. Okay, I’ve said my piece.


Alice Academy

Out of all of the shows mentioned on this list, this show is probably the least likely to get a new season. While it was popular when it still aired, it has since been forgotten by many anime fans, old and new alike. But I still feel like it deserves a proper ending, and if it’s lucky enough to get a reboot, it can gain some new fans to appreciate the charm that made me fall in love with the show when I was a child.

Aaand that’s a wrap! This will be my last post for this blog. To all those who have liked my previous posts, thank you for your support, and if I ever decide to continue blogging, I hope to see you all again!

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